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These discussion questions were developed over three years from group discussions on FEMALE ERASURE. We recognize that this is a complicated subject and it is with the intent of safe open discussion that we have compiled this list. Add them to your discussion groups or the conversations you have with your neighbors. Please feel free to submit your question to be added to this list by emailing us at

You can download the current question list by clicking on the PDF button.





This is a work in progress so check back for updates. Last update 12/7/2018.

1. What is sex?

2. What is gender?

3. Who decides the definitions of gender?

4. What is the difference between Sex and Gender?

5. What is the connection between sex and gender?

6. What does gender “identity” mean to you?

7. What does sex “identity” mean to you?

8. What does “feminine” mean? Who decided this?

9. What does “masculine” mean? Who decided this?

10. Do you think you can change your biological sex? If yes, how? If not, why not?

11. Do you think that a lifetime of societal experiences can be transferred by taking hormones or having genital surgery?

12. Who decided which human gender traits should be assigned to a specific sex?

13. What are some gender characteristics you associate with sex? a. How do you value these characteristics? b. Who ranked them? c. Who gains from these rankings?

14. Who gains, who loses from adhering to stereotypical gender norms?

15. What does “feeling” like a woman feel like to you?

16. How have you experienced oppression based on your biological sex? How does /did that feel to you?

17. If you are not comfortable in your own body, why? What cultural or religious influences have been contributing factors to your discomfort?

18. How does one’s body become an enemy?

19. What if you are perfect already?

20. What do you feel that you can do if you change your gender identity that you cannot do as the biological sex you already are?

21. What “privilege do you think women or men have that you want/need?

22. Who is responsible for physical violence against women and/or transgender people?

23. Where do you think that violence against transgendered people comes from?

24. What do you hope to get out of identifying with a different gender identity? What is your motivation?

25. What does gender mean to you? (list labels; which do you identify with?)

26. Are gender and sex related?

27. How do gender stereotypes affect people’s behaviors or personal identity?

28. Are you comfortable in your own body? If not, why is that?

29. What does “feeling” like a woman, feel like to you? What is this feeling based on?

30. If a male wants to wear dresses and earrings, why can’t they?

31. How does the world need to change for you to feel comfortable expressing yourself?

32. How can people work together to create a world where everyone (males, females, and true intersex people) feel safe expressing who they are?

33. What is the connection between biological sex, gender identity, and patriarchy?

34. Why is it important for everybody to feel included? Are there times and places for separation? 35. Have you experienced oppression as a ____________________________? (Fill in the blank) How does/did that feel to you?

36. What are some gender characteristics/categories that you associate with biological sex? How do you make or value these characteristics/categories? How did we learn these rankings? Who ranked/values/devalues these characteristics?

37. If gender is innate, then how do we explain indigenous cultures where there are multiple genders?

38. What do you need to be different or remain the same?

39. What is biophobia?

40. How can we get rid of gender stereotypes without making our bodies invisible?

41. Can you visualize a sacred space where only men or women reside?

42. Why do you think women value sacred time together? What do you think they get from that experience?

43. How can transgendered people work to help support women and the oppression they have endured for centuries?

44. Do you think that sex-based protections for woman are girls are still needed? Why or why not?

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